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‘Jewr n Jewels’ is business woman and entrepreneur Kamini Sharma’s dream venture! It is an extension of her passion for the many beautiful things in life. Kamini has over three decades of successful entrepreneurship to her credit. What she brings in her designs is her ubiquitous sense of style and sophistication. She is a veteran in the travel industry with many years of customer experience within India and abroad.

It is her vivacity, enthusiasm and vision that have been a source of energy in all of her ventures, and this is no different. Traveling the world sharpened Kamini’s sense of style and fashion, and she began understanding the core essence of a well turned out woman. That woman is you! Someone who is ambitious & focused yet grounded in Indian values and wants to reflect that in the way she dresses, and adorns herself.

Jewr n Jewels designs is a homage to the rich & varied craftsmanship of India and every piece is carefully curated to tell its own story. Pick any piece from the collection and it will be sure to add to your style while also making a noteworthy personal statement.

We offer antique & new Silver Jewellery as well as artistic pieces for women of all ages. We focus on traditional designs while constantly moving with the changing trends in fashion.

Our logo, the mighty Sun signifies life, energy, force, strength and power, all of which are synonymous to a woman of today. We welcome you to browse our collection and indulge yourself because you deserve to feel special!